"Strong Sisters, Build Strong Foundations"

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Participants Comments

-Loved the variation of ages of facilitators; Having peers help conduct this event made me want to listen more.

-This is a great program and really helped me reflect on myself and how to be a better person.

-I’m sitting here thinking if this program didn’t exist, where would these young women get all this great information?  Yes it is very needed.

-It is needed to help build community between female students at Purdue.  It helps provide a forum that is not located anywhere else on Purdue’s campus.

-The SSSS program is a great way to bring women together and to inspire them to succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.

-All young women need that safe place that is open, honest, true, genuine, and similar (women). We need to empower, grow, and learn one another.

-It’s a small group of African American women on this campus I feel will benefit personally and academically with this event.  It is empowering and inspiring.

-we are underrepresented and very sparse on campus.  It’s a program where we can all connect

-I enjoyed the many opportunities of social interaction and fellowship amongst the group.  It allowed us moments to get to meet, greet and welcome new people.

-(Miss Anonymous) helped the most to see how silly I was and that I wasn’t the only one.

-The entire program was very helpful.  I cannot identity one aspect, but just to say that there are women who have struggled just like you; it helped me realize you are not alone.

-I thoroughly enjoyed the entire program.  The most beneficial aspect to me was the portion where they focused on faith.  I think as a young woman it is easy to lose yourself and your faith so we can always use reminders.

-Being able to discuss the topics instead of being lectured at

-I think the sexual health session was very important for this population as well as the great conversation.

-The part that helped me the most was the personal testimony/perspectives from other women like me.  It’s always good to hear how other people think and have progressed.

-The presentations! Very informative, very entertaining; I felt so connected; nothing that I have ever participated in at Purdue has made me feel more connected to Black females as this.  I loved it! And I look forward to more…

-This program needs to be worldwide!

-Very well-organized, helpful and informative. The female students who spoke represented a wide range and they were very professional.

-I enjoyed this entire workshop. This is the type of thing young sisters, like myself, need.

-This program is really nice and it is needed for this campus.

-Well rounded information

-I think this was needed because with so few Black people here, it is easy to get discouraged. We need strong leaders to inspire us.

-This is a great program and uses great and interesting ways to get much needed points across.

-I liked everything because I could compare them to real life situations!

-I enjoy the testimonies from the upper classmen and the fashion show

-I really enjoyed when we defined a silly and strong sister.

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